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Floral Fragrance Collection

Blossom with elegance with our Floral Fragrance Collection at My Perfume Shop. Celebrate the quintessence of romance and femininity with timeless scents ranging from the intoxicating jasmine to the classic rose, and the exotic ylang-ylang. Each perfume is a bouquet of nature's most enchanting flowers, designed to captivate and allure. Whether you're drawn to the delicate lily of the valley or the seductive tuberose, discover your perfect floral note and let your fragrance tell a story of sophistication and grace.

Jasmine: A rich, deeply floral scent, intoxicating and exotic.
Rose: The quintessence of floral elegance, romantic and sweet with a hint of spice.
Ylang-Ylang: Exotic and floral, with a rich, slightly fruity and spicy scent.
Geranium: Floral and green, with a rosy scent peppered with mint.
Lily of the Valley: A light, fresh floral with a delicate sweetness.
Tuberose: Intensely floral, creamy, and seductive, with a lush fragrance.
Orchid: A varied scent profile, often soft and powdery or rich and heady.
Violet: Sweet, powdery, and slightly woody, evoking elegance and sophistication.
Freesia: Peppery and floral, bright and refreshing.
Gardenia: Rich and heavy, a sweet and creamy floral scent.