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Citrus Fragrance Collection

Energize your senses with our Citrus Fragrance Collection at My Perfume Shop. Dive into a world where the zest of lemon, the sweetness of orange, and the refreshing sharpness of grapefruit come alive. Each fragrance in this collection is carefully curated to uplift and invigorate, making every day feel like a burst of sunshine. Perfect for those who love a fresh start or a vibrant boost to their routine. Explore our selection of citrus scents, including bergamot's refined aroma and the soft sweetness of mandarin, designed to energize and refresh your spirit.

Lemon: A zesty, fresh citrus scent that energizes and uplifts.
Bergamot: A sweet, slightly spicy citrus aroma, more refined and with a hint of tartness.
Grapefruit: A tangy, bitter citrus scent that is refreshing and sharp.
Orange: Sweet and tangy, offering a warm, inviting citrus fragrance.
Mandarin: A softer citrus, sweeter and less sour than orange.
Lime: Sharp, zesty, and invigorating with a clear, refreshing acidity.